Frequently Asked Questions

 checkmark.pngWhy is your fleet Duke Playmates?

Certainly there are bigger, faster and more glamorous classic boats around the lakes, but we have selected the Duke Playmate for our rental fleet because they are historic, local, charming, safe, seaworthy and serviceable.

Playmates were built by Dukes, a Port Carling-based boat manufacturer that operated from the 1920s to the 1970s.
Initially designed for fishing, Playmates became ubiquitous in the 1930s and 1940s as utility boats, ferrying cottagers and their holiday supplies around the lakes. About 60 of the 18-foot model in the Muskoka Launch Livery fleet were constructed between 1938 and 1954.

checkmark.png Who is behind Muskoka Launch Livery?
Muskoka Launch Livery is operated by veteran boat builder Stan Hunter. Stan has been a sole proprietor building and restoring classic wooden boats in Muskoka since 1990. Stan Hunter Boatbuilder and Muskoka Launch Livery are located at 2757 Highway 118 W., Port Carling. You can visit Stan Hunter Boatbuilder online at

checkmark.png Do I have to be a certain age to rent a Duke Playmate?
Anyone with a boater’s card and an appreciation for classic wood boats is invited to enjoy a Duke Playmate from Muskoka Launch Livery.

checkmark.png Are they hard to drive?
Not at all. There’s a key, a steering wheel, a gear shift, and an accelerator. That’s about it. Operating instructions are included in your rental and a printed copy is provided in your boat. We can also provide an in-person tutorial to get you started.

checkmark.png How many people can fit in a Duke Playmate?
These boats are equipped to hold a maximum of four passengers.

checkmark.png How fast do they go?
Duke Playmates have a 25 hp engine and are designed to get you to your destination in style. If you’re in a hurry, may we suggest you consider renting a fibreglass boat from Walkers Point Marina at (705) 687-7793.

checkmark.png Can they pull a wakeboarder?
No. See above.

If you have a question that’s not addressed here, please contact us.

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