About The Fleet - "Patience"


checkmark.png Universal Atomic 4 Motor
checkmark.png Fuel Gauge (!)


This boat, which was built in 1948, once belonged to a guest at Pleasantview Lodge on Mortimer’s Point (which is no longer) named Mr. Pillow.

In the 1970s, she was purchased for $300 by Rev. John Hunter, an uncle of Muskoka Launch Livery proprietor Stan Hunter. This was the era of the zippy fibreglass speedboat, and being a gentle reactionary, Rev. Hunter named his Playmate Patience.

She was sold to Allan Moses of Lake Rosseau a few years later, and then in the late 1990s to Bob and Joan Lehman, long-time clients of Stan’s.

Patience received a new hull in 2006 and joined the fleet in 2008.

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