About The Fleet - "Demoiselle"


checkmark.png Buchanan Midget 25 hp engine
checkmark.png Fastest in the fleet (!), topping out at a majestic 25 km/hr (with one occupant, holding her breath, in a following wind.)

Built in 1952, (serial number 52-01, meaning she was the first to roll off the line that year,) this launch was originally purchased by Mrs. JA McKay of Beaumaris.

Mrs. McKay named her Tooter, probably because when she’s at about half-throttle, the boat sets up a gentle, idiosyncratic hum. Muskoka Launch Livery proprietor Stan Hunter, whose family has for generations cottaged on Lake Muskoka, fondly remembers Tooter from his childhood, “kicking around Beaumaris for years and years with no varnish on her.”

Tooter was a member of the fleet when, for a brief time, manufacturer Duke’s, rented boats. She came into the hands of Brackenrig Bay cottager Tom Wood in the early 2000s. Tom had Stan restore her and renamed her Demoiselle, which means Damselfly, or little blue dragonfly.

Demoiselle joined the Livery fleet in 2010.


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